Proposed Curriculum - Master of Divinity in Religious Studies, Executive Ministry Concentration

The Religious Studies Program at Hampton University, pending approval from SACSCOC*, intends to offer the Master of Arts (MA) and the Master of Divinity (M.Div.) degrees in Fall 2016, though we are awaiting confirmation from SACSCOC on their accreditation approval. We are pleased at your interest in the expanded curriculum and both the undergraduate and the graduate levels.

Core Requirements (39 hours)
RELV 611 Advanced Studies in Old Testament 3
RELV 612 Advanced Studies in New Testament 3
RELV 621 Biblical Hermeneutics 3
RELV 622 Biblical Exegesis 3
RELV 631 Systematic Theology I 3
RELV 632 Systematic Theology II 3
RELV 633 Christian Ethics and Theology 3
RELV 641 Church History I 3
RELV 642 Church History II 3
RELV 650 Introduction to Pastoral Care 3
RELV 651 Congregational Care: Pastoral Limits an Authority 3
RELV 627 The Phenomenon of Religion 3
RELV 628 World Religions in Christian Perspective 3
Biblical Languages Requirements (6 hours)
RELV 614 Hebrew Language and Tools 3
RELV 624 Greek Language and Tools 3
Executive Ministry Cognate (12) hours)
RELV 670 Executive Ministry Formation Module I: Self-Care The Executive Minister 3
RELV 672 Executive Ministry Formation Module II: Organization Organizational Leadership and Development 3
RELV 674 Executive Ministry Formation Module III: Strategic Planning Managing Change and Resolving Conflict 3
RELV 676 Executive Ministry Formation Module IV: Infrastructure Building and Supporting the Healthy Church 3
Communication Cognate (6 hours)
RELV 635 Introduction to Preaching: Homiletics I 3
RELV 636 Advanced Preaching: Homiletics II 3
Field-Based Education Requirements (9 hours)
RELV 690 Supervised Practicum I: Group Dynamics 3
RELV 691 Supervised Practicum II: Pastoral Limits & Authority 3
RELV 697 Pastoral Internship 0
RELV 698 Pastoral Leadership Project & Final Assessment 3