Master of Arts

The Religious Studies Program at Hampton University now offers the Master of Arts (MA) and the Master of Divinity (M.Div.) programs. We are pleased at your interest in the expanded curriculum in our graduate level program.

Concentrations: Worship Studies & Theological Studies

Forty-eight hours of academic course and field-based work, arranged in five nine-week sessions, lead to the Master of Arts (MA) degree in Practical Theology. The degree offers two specialized areas of concentration: Theological Studies and Worship Studies.  The program is designed for students interested in ministerial leadership through the rigorous study of religion, theology and worship in various forms and traditions of ministry.

This expanded university-based program of religious and theological study is undergirded by the larger academic environment of Hampton University as a comprehensive institution. In addition, faith communities will serve as hands-on laboratories and teaching sites for supervised practicum as a part of field education and practical experiences in religious education and leadership.

The Master of Arts degree preparation for other professions:

  • Teaching
  • Counseling
  • Community Organizing
  • Human Services Professions
  • Non-profit Leadership
  • Careers in and Service to Church and Faith-based Organizations
  • Advanced and Continued Studies in Theology

Admission Requirements: 

  • Application and $50.00 processing fee
  • Minimum 2.50 GPA
  • Three Letters of Recommendation
  • Official High School and College Transcripts
  • Writing Sample of the Applicant’s Background

For more information call 757-727-5340